Preliminary Registration

Estimated cost

We have made a preliminary budget for the whole event.

Arrival on Wednesday 6. April and departure on Sunday 10.

Included in the estimated cost:

  • Bus from Evenes airport on Wednesday and return on Sunday.

  • Afterski in a slope restaurant on Wednesday, dinner included.

  • Trip to Risvær (Lofoten) by boat on either Thursday or Friday, lunch included.

  • Randonnée tour on either Thursday or Friday including lunch pack and mountain guide.

  • Dinner Thursday and Friday evening.

  • Race day on Saturday, including lunch (barbecue in the slope).

  • Dinner in an old Train building Saturday, including aperitif, wine package and coffee.

  • Transport to and from all events.

  • Hotel 4 nights in double room, breakfast included.

In total (budgeted):

NOK 11'000,-

CHF 1'200,-

Participants born 1987 or later* (budgeted):

NOK 6'500,-

CHF 700,-

*We are grateful to have been sponsored by “die SAS Stiftung und der Wilhelmfonds” so we are able to give special offers to participants born in 1987 or later (estimation based on 50 signed ups).

Not included in the estimated cost:

  • Extra for single room (4 nights): NOK 1'100,- CHF 116,-

  • Drinks in general (except on Saturday evening) are not included.

  • Ski-rental (if wanted) is not included.

Return flight from Oslo to Evenes (current offer):

NOK 2'800,-

(we have reserved 30 tickets with Scandinavian Airlines)

Return flight from Switzerland to Evenes (stipulated):

CHF 700,-

Return flight from Switzerland to Evenes for participants born 1987 or later (stipulated):

CHF 500,-

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